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NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is the largest grassroots organization in the country, made up of over 220,000 families and over best binary options in india 1,100 local and state affiliates. Our local affiliate serves Bloomington and the surrounding areas.  The state affiliate, NAMI Indiana, is located in Indianapolis, and the national organization, NAMI, is in Arlington, VA.


I am Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a member of NAMI-GBA.  I have a brother diagnosed with schizophrenia and I served for three years on the National NAMI Board of Directors between 1994-1997.  Now, I am committed to helping our local affiliate prosper.  I am a neuroscientist specializing in the postmortem investigation of the brain as it relates to the severe mental illnesses.  I am affiliated with the binary option india Indiana University Department of Medical Sciences, and I am affectionately known as the "Singin' Scientist" while I travel for the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (Brain Bank).

I'm an advocate for the mentally ill because I LOVE NAMI and the opportunities this organization provides for me to serve others.  I love righting wrongs.  I love helping people find their own passion and compassion, and I love engaging with folks who are here to make this world a better place!  Together, we are the voice on mental illness and we grow stronger with every voice that joins our chorus.

I advocate for the mentally ill because I know mental illness can happen to anyone at anytime, and I don't want my nieces to endure the agony that my brother has had to endure.  My personal motto to the treatment community is "Nothing about us, without us!"  Bloomington is a fabulous place filled with fabulous people.  Please join us today!

If you feel called to join in the chorus of mental illness support, education, advocacy, and research, JOIN NAMI by clicking on the icon and downloading a membership application.  Alternatively, or e-mail us at info AT namibloomington.org (replace AT with the @ symbol).  Your membership entitles you to receive Brain Pages (NAMI-GBA's newsletter), NAMI Indiana's newsletter binary trading brokers in india, and The Advocate, NAMI National's magazine.  Annual dues are $35  and open door dues are $3.  All dues monies are tax-deductible donations.